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Cover Design
First impressions matter, and with id you can trust us to produce a cover for your publication that will impress and entice your target audience, and if it’s something simple you want we have corporate designs to suit all professional needs.

Page Layout
The importance of any layout and design is to create a look that not only reflects the identity and image of the client but also easily guides the reader from one page to the next—from the imprint page, title pages, the table of contents, and through the entire body of a publication. Our desktop publishers will ensure your publication achieves maximum readability and accessibility, whether with text, a combination of text and images, or a predominantly visual art and photographic work.

There are endless possibilities and combinations when it comes to fonts and how the text, headings, and titles appear on the page. Fonts are chosen to complement the text and ideas for an effective and visually appealing design, and with the audience in mind they can achieve comfort and ease of information transferral. Fonts and the way they are presented on the page are integral in creating startling promotional effects and impact.